Life Term Coverage

  1. Whole Life Coverage
  2. A range of 60 to 70 years old.
  3. Also can be offered for a period of 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 years coverage

**Waiver of Premium can be offered in case of disability. Aditional coverages can be included.

Savings - Multiglobal Invest (Unit linked Savings)

  • Combines Whole life coverage with investment savings and tax refund applicable
  • Investment Risk: Can be combined to funds of low, medium and high risk according to your Investment Profile.
  • Short or long term investment according to your desire
  • Single premium deposits allowed any time
  • Partial  cash out, maximum four times annually
  • Or Total
  • Waiver Premium offered  in case of disability
  • Additional coverages can be included
  • Flexible plan, in which you are allowed to increase / decrease your premium,
    Deposit extraordinary single premium, change funds, change your life coverage and others.

Accelator Plus can be used for:

Pension purposes, Creation of emergency fund, Studies of your kids, Hereditary reasons! Can be offered as a monthly basis policy but also into Single premium policy with minimum deposit of 8500 euro.

Savings - Pension Plan

Prepare your future!

You’d certainly want to maintain the standard of living you have worked hard to achieve, to avoid finding yourself in need to make painful compromises, to maintain your independence, and to enjoy what is expected in this new stage of your life. If you plan today, you can realise your dreams and have a sense of security about the future with an attractive Pension plan!!!

“Pension” plan offers you a sense of security and peace of mind so that you can enjoy your retirement years! So, you may now start working creatively for your own personal benefit and for the benefit of the people you love, who need your support.

  • You have to decide today what you are willing to pay, in order to prepare you and estimate what you will get at your elderly years.
  • Additional coverages can be included like Disabilities, Accidental Death, Tread Diseases, etc.
  • Settlement of regular and extraordinary family obligations.
  • Scheme adaptability to personal needs.
  • Tax Refund applicable based on taxation law
  • Premium billing options on annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis
  • Waiver of Premium can be offered in case of disability


Choice of a single PREMIUM.

  • A Single Premium Deposit plan
  • Duration of the  policy: 10 years
  • Guarantee interest rate plus profit if its applicable
  • Guarantee Cash values return
  • Life coverage provided in case of death , equal with your premium
  • Minimum insurance premium 15000  euro plus 100 euro policy fee

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