IDEAL insurance solutions!

Our target is to offer especially today, the Ideal Insurance to the society who needs us more with the correct insurance solutions for protection of basic goods of life, health, housing, etc.

We started with passion to provide insurance services, into the area of capital city Nicosia and then stretched our tentacles in Larnaca and Limassol , with individuals but also corporate insurance policies.

Our aim is to strengthen our activities in these cities and provinces, but also to expand all over the island.

Significant expansion of our activities was the beginning of our cooperation with various agencies (such as accounting, lawyers) as external partners, of which we offering our specialized services/ advice to their clients. We are interested, to develop further this area through the creation of new partnerships with other similar types of offices.

Our Vision

  • To be your unique Personal Insurance consultant who will deal with ALL your insurance contracts!
  • To create with YOU an IDEAL long term relationship!
  • To provide the Maximum Satisfaction that can be achieved through professional Quality insurance services!
  • To become the market Ideal Insurer with Ideal-SOLUTIONS!
  • To create an Ideal service Network all over the country!

Our Mission

We would like to reach high levels of client satisfaction from our services offered.
  • To act with professionalism and knowledge and to take on the responsibility of providing the best solution for insurance needs to each potential customer.
  • To offer quality services, with our attractive products, in competitive prices, that our society needs.
  • To carry out a concentrated study of customer needs and offer them the most suitable solutions, ideal solutions!
  • To correctly identify the needs of prospects, in a respectful and responsible manner.
  • Solutions that fits to you based on how you hierarch your needs and how you think your ideal future!
  • To have continual attendance and service of our customers during contract duration and build a stable long-term relationship between agent – client!
  • To have a continuous base relationship with the customers and update customer information to pin-point new customer needs to which their insurance policy should cater.
  • To clearly explain all the rules, regulations, and conditions of the insurance contract with honesty.
  • To agree with prospects on the insurance fees and the insurance benefits.
  • To be honest and enable clients to trust them with their personal information.
  • To continuously upgrade our] skills and professional knowledge, and also to develop a high level of professional behavior.
  • To work based ALWAYS our customer’s interest and not ours!

We offer a variety of all the insurance policies offered by the insurance industry.

Our Team

Obtaining all major licenses of the Ministry of Finance, to practice insurance services:

  • Insurance Consultant in Life Insurance industry
  • Insurance Agent in General Insurance industry
  • Board Member of Cyprus Association of Professionals Insurance Agents
  • President of Nicosia Committee of the association
  • President of Health Committee of the association dealing with GESY
  • Chairman of 4th & 5th pancyprian conference of the association.

Honors and Awards:

  • SENIOR AGENT 2009-2010, 2016-2019
  • Member of the Round table of MetLife elite Insurance agents
  • MetLife Awards 2013: 3rd Place PanCyprian in Group Life & Health Insurance
  • LIMRA: Participation in the 9th and 11th National Conference
  • Member of Ydrogios Zeus club – top agents round table 2016-2019
  • Ydrogios 2017  top 5 profitable portfolios with less than 20% claim ratio.